Delivery of Fresh Spirulina Home – How is it working?

Delivery of fresh spirulina home, in order to provide our customers with the world’s healthiest food, here at the Fresh Spirulina labs we are making every effort to deliver spirulina at its finest state. 98% of the cases the Fresh Spirulina you receive is 24 – 48 hours old only. Here we produce and deliver the highest quality Spirulina in Australia – Fresh Spirulina.

Delivery of Fresh SpirulinaDelivery of fresh Spirulina home – quality assurance maintained at its best

You will receive your raw, fresh spirulina in a cooled and in paste form.

The Fres, Raw Spirulina packs are leaving the spirulina farm in a cool state. We have developed a good and reliable shipping method. It is highly recommended that you be present when the courier arrives but not essential. The courier will leave the box at the address you provided. However, that said,

Our Fresh, Raw Spirulina must be kept cold at all times. We cannot guarantee any product that is left unattended or not received in person.

Other good solutions:

  • If you are at work you may want to provide us with that delivery address instead;
  • Neighbour accepting the parcel on your behalf;
  • Leave an Esky at the door.

If you still feel unsure, please refer to the reviews page titled ‘Real Reviews From Real Shoppers‘.

Delivery Areas and Service

In order to preserve the freshness and the great potency that made spirulina become the world’s most important super-food the freshly harvested spirulina should be kept cold. To keep the freshly harvested spirulina cool at the highest quality and freshness we offer our customers fresh raw spirulina delivery service from our farm to your fridge and freezer. You can check here our delivery areas.

Deliveries are Monday – Thursday depends on your location. Review the delivery schedule here

Fresh Spirulina Delivery Service – Why Is It So Important?

In order to understand the importance of fresh, raw spirulina shipments to your home, one must first understand why the spirulina is fresh and so well preserved and looked after. Anyone interested in spirulina and healthy lifestyle in general probably already knows that there are different varieties of spirulina and that this supplement also comes in various dry forms. Dry forms of spirulina are not as potent as fresh, raw spirulina. This is one of the reasons why we chose to grow, produce and market only the freshest, highest quality product.

Genesis Algae South East Laboratories was established after a long period of research, process and development of Spirulina’s advanced cultivation, filtration and harvesting methods. Together we bring this green-blue microalgea to be available in this fresh form and a message in Australia. The quality of the product is of paramount importance here, and not only because it’s a food supplement, but also because of the real passion of the dedicated team that is looking to produce the best spirulina.

Fresh spirulina offers nutritional values in unprecedented quantities, far beyond any food and dietary supplement in the world. It is not for nothing that these microalgae is considered to be the strongest and most quality dietary supplement in the world.

When we started producing and marketing the fresh, raw spirulina, we knew that we must bring this product to you the customer fresh, safe and secure to ensure 100% quality. For this reason, part of our entire work system relies on a unique high-quality delivery service, a delivery service that brings our fresh spirulina completely fresh to you, from our freezer to your freezer, in your home.

We do not compromise on quality and therefore at this point, our service is limited to only some parts of the country. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver that same high quality of fresh, raw spirulina everywhere – Quality Over Quantity. We plan, without any exceptions, to increase the list of cities and regions where everybody would be able to enjoy the benefits and high qualities of the Fresh Spirulina we cultivate here in Australia.

How much Spirulina to order?

If you are wondering about the amount of spirulina to order, we can help you with the calculation. Because spirulina is suitable for everyone, women, men, children, the elderly, pregnant, healthy, and the sick, it is best to consider all members of the household when ordering this quality nutritional supplement.

And yet, not everyone consumes spirulina in the same amounts. Small children consume less, and some people sometimes begin with half a serve. Later on, they slowly move on to a whole serve as their body begins to grow stronger thanks to spirulina itself. When you calculate how much to order for your household, consider the amount that varies from person to person. An average, healthy, average-weight adult can sense the difference in the quality of life and inner strength after a single week of taking one daily dose in the amount assigned on our packs (i.e. 20g), those are divided into daily serves.

Anyone who wants to get the significant boost and earn strong health, compensates for past deficiencies or simply refuses to compromise at all on his or her health, has no problem consuming double doses of our spirulina. Studies have shown that even in the consumption of huge amounts of blue-green microalgae – there are no side effects to spirulina. Aside from the positives, of course, health, vitality, good digestion, alertness, concentration, healthy blood, healthy thyroid to name a few.

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Fresh Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina

Founded in Southeast QLD and located on Certified Organic farmland, we are an Australian-made Fresh Spirulina commercial farm. We are subject to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and produce fresh Spirulina using food-grade nutrients only, pay attention to the freshness and health of our spirulina.