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Detox With Fresh Spirulina Juice

Detox with fresh spirulina juice

The trendy drink with multiple benefits: fresh spirulina juice, to be enjoyed with your friends at breakfast or during a gourmet break. Fresh spirulina is added and eaten in your dishes and drinks as a dietary supplement. Fresh spirulina contains about 70% vegetable protein, quality protein, and has twice as much protein than in soy…

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Spirulina To Detoxify And Purify

Spirulina is a superfood recommended by nutrition experts. It is used for its cleansing and detoxifying faculties and for its protein intake. Discover Spirulina, the superfood for nutrition and health Often referred to as a superfood, spirulina (Arthrospira maxima, Arthrospira platensis) is a variety of algae that has an unparalleled nutritional value. Hence the interest of adding…

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Fresh Spirulina Body Detox

Detox is ideal to purify, boost and revitalize the body, as a seasonal cure or before and after the holidays. Fresh Spirulina body detox is vegan and gluten-free, rich in soluble fibre and with a great number of minerals, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. Do you feel tired and bloated? Is your body heavy and lacks tone?…

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Fresh spirulina, ideal dietary supplement for a slimming and detox

High protein and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, spirulina boosts the immune system, detoxifies and strengthens the body and also helps to lose weight. It is now available in fresh form (freshly frozen) and is tasteless and odourless. Spirulina is an alkaline freshwater blue-green colour microalgae shaped spirally which is growing…

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Image of Fresh Spirulina Detox

Spirulina detox morning green juice

Too busy to eat properly, your lifestyle does not always allow you the care necessary to avoid foods rich in toxins … Spirulina detox is a great way to gain control again, spirulina the superfood with multiple virtues, helps facilitate detox. Spirulina, a microalgae with great virtues, is also your everyday detox support. To enjoy…

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