Fresh Australian Spirulina

Spirulina Powder: A Nutritionally – Rich Food, High in Protein and Vitamins to Strengthen and Balance

Helping You Attain The Healthiest, Cleanest, and Safest Spirulina Possible.

We prioritize sustainable farming practices and safeguarding wildlife.

You Deserving The Very Best

Tested For Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins, Chemistry & Biology

Our Spirulina Powder is mould and chemical-free, non-GMO, greenhouse-grown-protected from the elements. We strive to give you the healthiest, cleanest and safest Spirulina there is.

Supporting People, Environment and Wildlife

Practising and committed to sustainable farming practices, which not only yield high-quality products but also safeguard the environment. An eco-conscious approach to agriculture that demonstrates a belief that farming and environmental stewardship can, and should, go hand in hand.

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Fresh Spirulina 100% Satisfaction
Fresh Spirulina 10% Redeem

Grown & Cultivated at Southeast QLD, Fresh Spirulina invites you to enjoy better, much more nutritious form of Spirulina.

An array of an incredible number of nutrients experience including high-quality plant-based protein, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins with 100% bioavailability.

Fresh Spirulina Role

Fresh, Raw Spirulina

Most nutritious rich form of Spirulina. Featuring 71% plant-based protein and is tasteless & odourless.

Fresh Spirulina Pure Powder Image

Fresh Spirulina, pure powder

Natural pure powder for Higher Concentration. Richest source food of nutrients and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Fresh Spirulina Powder Capsules Image

Fresh Spirulina, capsules

Pure Fresh Spirulina Powder in vegetarian capsules. Accurately measured without any additives or fillers. Loose, not compact.

100% Raw and Non-GMO Fresh Spirulina
Spirulina powder - Nutritional Power of Spirulina

Freeze dried spirulina powder

The healthiest, cleanest and safest Spirulina powder possible. Enjoy a nutritionally-rich food to strengthen and balance.

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Fresh Raw Spirulina in a Jar Image

An abundance of goodness encapsulated in one tiny cell

Fresh Spirulina is a blend of micro & macronutrients, comprised of enzymes, a full spectrum of minerals, vitamins and high-quality plant-based protein.

It is wealthy with phytonutrients and rich with antioxidants like beta-carotene, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, zeaxanthin, GLA and SOD. An abundance of goodness encapsulated in one tiny cell with 100% bioavailability.

Grown & Cultivated Using Sustainable Farming Practices

Commercial fresh spirulina farm in Southeast Queensland

Nature grade. Carefully made.

Founded in Southeast QLD and located on Certified Organic farmland, we are the first Australian-made Fresh Spirulina commercial farm.

The water we catch frequently tested biologically & chemically and the nutrients are food grade only.

Over time our marine biologists' team refined the product resulting in a more pure and potent formula that has significant health benefits.

Grown in Australia
Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients
Image of About fresh Spirulina
Fresh spirulina pond
Karen A.
Karen A.
Edge Hill, Cairns
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Thank you so much, Peter, I’m loving the product and will be recommending it to everyone – my husband is now stealing my stash - so will probably have to up my next order.

Nothing added, nothing removed. 100% pure 100% of the time!

Clean nutritional diet intake

Fresh Spirulina demonstrates the most cutting-edge way to achieve peak-performance health and optimal energy.

It is a powerful source to alkalise and nourishes the body. Eating fresh spirulina (yes, food not a drug or medicine) means clean nutrition intake of protein (plant-based), vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

Fresh Spirulina represents a uniquely promising piece of the nutritional puzzle. Other elements such as good fats and oils, trace-element, essential fatty and amino acids and great nutrients spectrum make it a true superfood.

Features and benefits

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Kelly M.
Kelly M.
Punchbowl, Sydney
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It’s still frozen! Everything in the box is frozen. The box itself is cool to touch. The interior even survived a train trip home out of the polystyrene box – it’s hot today and still no melting!

Fresh Spirulina vs. Dried Spirulina

Fresh, Raw Spirulina Fresh Spirulina Powder Form – our Spirulina
Highly pure & raw – 100% spirulina (Non-GMO) Highly pure & raw – 100% spirulina (Non-GMO), 100% Pure Powder
Tasteless & odourless (blends with everything & 100% dissolved, very palatable) Characteristic flavour for seaweed
No exposure to heat at any stage (No loss of biological nutritional values) Freeze dryer
No dehydration (excess water extraction only) Dehydrated
High nutritional value. The highest nutritional value on the planet. (71% protein) Lower nutritional value (Still with 65% protein)
No machines are involved in the process No machines are involved in the process


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