Freshly Frozen Spirulina

Nutritionally – Rich Food, High in Protein and Vitamins to Strengthen and Balance

Fresh Spirulina is tasteless & odourless (blends with everything & 100% dissolved, very palatable).
Highly nutritious & superior to dry forms of spirulina.

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about fresh spirulina

Nature grade. Better made.

We are the first Australian-made Fresh Spirulina company. Over time our marine biologists' team refined our product resulting in a more pure and potent formula that has significant health benefits.

Grown, Cultivated and Harvested in Australia

Customer review
Thank you so much, Peter,
I’m loving the product and will be recommending it to everyone – my husband is now stealing my stash- so will probably have to up my next order.

Karen from Edge Hill in CairnsKaren A.
Edge Hill, Cairns

Review Highlights (months of June & July ’19)
“First time buyer. Excellent service and answered all the questions I had.”

Freshly Frozen Spirulina (medium packs) – 1800g (90 serves)
“No taste or smell! Really enjoying it in my morning smoothies. Thanks :)”

Freshly Frozen Spirulina (medium packs) – 1200g (60 serves)
“The spirulina delivered frozen to my home has been amazing! So much better than spirulina in powdered form from health food shops; you know the stuff, it not only stinks but tastes horrible. Freshley Frozen Spirulina has no awful small and no foul taste, but you can feel the goodness! I’ve been adding it to smoothies almost every day and feel so revitalised! What’s more, the service level from sale through delivery and even post-delivery has far exceeded expectations. I’ll definitely be buying again!”

Freshly Frozen Spirulina (medium packs) – 600g (30 serves)

nothing added, nothing removed. 100% pure 100% of the time!

Food that’s green, nutritious and affordable. Spirulina is a safe blend of micro and macro nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, phytonutrients and an abundance of goodness encapsulated in one tiny cell with high bioavailability.

  • SUPERFOOD A nutritionally-rich food
  • Ready to eat
  • High in proteins and vitamins to strengthen and balance
  • Tasteless & odourless
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Organic
  • Fresh and frozen
  • Made with love
Fresh spirulina health icons


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Customer review
It’s still frozen! Everything in the box is frozen. The box itself is cool to touch.
The interior even survived a train trip home out of the polystyrene box – it’s hot today and still no melting!

Kelly, Punchbowl, Sydney
Kelly M.
Punchbowl, Sydney

Fresh Spirulina vs. Dried Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina (Freshly Frozen Spirulina) Powder, Tabs & capsules (organic)
Highly pure & raw – 100% spirulina (Non-GMO) Always with a binder (ratio is 5%-25% non-spirulina)
Tasteless & odourless (blends with everything & 100% dissolved, very palatable) Awful taste, bad odour, clunky (not dissolving 100%)
No exposure to heat at any stage (No loss of biological nutritional values) Exposed to extreme temps and environment
No dehydration (excess water extraction only) Always dehydrated
High nutritional value. The highest nutritional value on the planet. Low nutritional value (lost in machine processing, heating & presence of binders)
No machines are involved in the process Use of machinery (tabs are compressed, the powder is mixed)
Australian made Made elsewhere

Served without any fillers, additives or preservatives. Using natural selection, optimum cultivation conditions and location the spirulina is GMO Free and 100% natural product.

Spirulina benefit your health

Spirulina, also known as blue-green algae, is one of the most popular algae in the world as dietary supplements dedicated to fitness.

Choosing spirulina - fresh spirulina process

Fresh spirulina dose recommendation

Spirulina is NOT drug or medicine, it is food and should be treated as such. There is no worry of overdosing or over “doing it”.

Phycocyanin: valuable component of spirulina

The Ultimate Superfood for Your Stem Cells. In this short video, David Wolf talks about Phycocyanin which is in abundance in fresh spirulina extract.

Spirulina at 50 micron magnification - Spirulina under the microscope

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is tiny organism living in fresh alkaline bodies of water (Alkaline means ‘not-acid’ or pH above 7). The size of this tiny organism is in between 300 to 500 microns (0.3 – 0.5mm).

Spirulina at 10 micron magnification - Spirulina under the microscope

Spirulina under the microscope

In this short article, we thought to share with you a little about the spirulina under the microscope view. You will have a very close encounter. This is very fun and interesting to observe.

Fresh spirulina manufacturing process

In this short article, we are sharing with you a little about the fresh spirulina manufacturing process, present and upcoming.