What is the Fresh spirulina dose recommendation

Fresh Spirulina Serve

Fresh Spirulina dose recommendation and How to drink

Spirulina is food, not a drug or medicine and should be treated that way. You will find very quickly that you can eat lots of Fresh Spirulina, the only challenge is what else you can add it too.

The fresh Spirulina dose recommendation is 7 – 20gr (1 tsp = 7gr, one spirulina serve 20gr). For small children, 1 tsp is enough.

Once again, Spirulina is NOT drug or medicine, it is food and should be treated as such. There is no worry of overdosing or over “doing it”. You can read here a little more about Spirulina’s history of use.

Fresh Spirulina dose/serve recommendation
Fresh Spirulina single serve – 20g

Quick instructions on how to drink fresh spirulina:

Treat each Spirulina serve as an ice cube.

Add it to your glass of juice or water and stir. The spirulina will dissolve into your drink.

Alternatively, place one serve in your smoothie and turn on the blender.

Or, defrost one shot at a time and scoop into your glass of juice, smoothie or water.

Fresh Spirulina dose recommendation

Fresh Spirulina packs are divided into 20g portions. Those portions can be used in two main ways.

One of the best and common way to use fresh spirulina is to treat it like an ice cube. Simply add the entire portion into your glass of water or juice and stir until dissolved and you see uniformed colour (e.g. 750ml of liquid to 20gr of freshly frozen spirulina).

Another popular way to use freshly frozen spirulina is to defrost single 20gr shot and scoop a teaspoon into your glass of juice, water or smoothie. The remaining can be placed in the fridge for tomorrow or refrozen. (Spirulina is a plant and unlike meat can be defrosted and refrozen without any problem.) You will notice that after defrosting the Spirulina may turn into a dark blue colour. That blue colour is the powerful antioxidant phycocyanin. In a few words, phycocyanin is a pigment. Like chlorophyll, phycocyanin is harvesting the sun’s rays only in deferent wavelengths. It is a very powerful antioxidant that looks after the brain, the eyes, skin and joints for example.

Because fresh spirulina is odourless and tasteless it is can be added to other dishes. You can sneak spirulina into your daily smoothie, a glass of juice or mix with yoghurt, porridge, guacamole, pesto, salads, salsa etc.

Take your favourite fruit (can be apple, pear, banana etc.) and place it in your blender with one serve of Spirulina. Add milk (can be regular, almonds, coconut etc.) and turn on the blender until you get uninformed smooth blue-green colour. Enjoy!

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Fresh Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina

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