How to use fresh spirulina (Freshly Frozen Spirulina)

Make yourself fresh spirulina drink

Here is how to use the freshly frozen spirulina for the first time.

The most popular way to use fresh spirulina is as an ingredient within a smoothie. When it comes to quantities, a convenient rule of thumb is to add one serve of spirulina to 750ml of liquid. (E.g. 500ml to 1 litre).

Here’s how to do it, fresh spirulina drink,

  1. Anytime you want to make a drink, go to the freezer and take a serve.
  2. Hold the serve in the palm of your hand for 5 seconds (fingers closing around it). This will dissolve the rim.
  3. Open the lid and place the content of the serve into a glass of water, glass of juice or into a blender to make a smoothie.

If you are dissolving the spirulina in a glass of water or juice simply steer well. If you are adding the serve into a blender, start your blender, the fresh spirulina will mix well with the rest of your ingredients (like an ice cube).

Fresh spirulina is tasteless and odourless

It doesn’t matter what type of juice you are adding the freshly frozen spirulina too, it is always tasteless and odourless. (If adding to water only, an inert flavour liquid, a mild taste of seaweed is present).
Couple examples, if you make a smoothie made of celery and cucumbers when adding the fresh spirulina the smoothie will taste like a smoothie made with celery and cucumbers. If you make smoothie made with banana, mango and fresh spirulina the smoothie will taste like bananas and mango.

Lastly, do not feel that you need to make yourself a smoothie built from a great number of ingredients. A common cost-effective smoothie is slicing a single apple or pear or banana (or all) into a blender, then add fresh spirulina serve and water and blend. Your smoothie will taste like apple/pear/banana with all the benefits the spirulina has to offer.

Nothing tricky about it and there isn’t more to it, very simple.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us at the contact page.

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Fresh Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina

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