Spirulina benefit your health

Health benefits of spirulina

In this short article, we are going to be discussing the health benefits of spirulina, super blue-green algae with just tremendous, tremendous benefits. Spirulina is something that many people use every single day for their health. This short article will not be only the benefits, but how to use it here, towards the end.

Spirulina is probiotic

Spirulina is typically cultivated in Africa, Mexico and also in the United States. Actually, in fact, spirulina is not really just an algae, it’s also known as cyanobacteria so, in a way, probiotic. A lot of people don’t realise that about it, but spirulina is probiotic which is great for your digestive system and can actually increase the growth of other probiotics and good microbes in your gut. It’s only one of the unique properties of it.

Get more quality protein in your diet

Spirulina is known for being one of the top superfoods in the world today one of the reasons is it because it has a really unique nutrition profile.

It is loaded with chlorophyll, which helps alkalize your body. It’s also loaded with B vitamins, vitamin K, and minerals like zinc and magnesium too. Once again, spirulina is really incredible if you look at its nutritional spectrum. Additionally, it’s one of your highest plant-based source of protein. So if you’re vegan or a vegetarian, it’s a great way to get more quality protein in your diet because it has a great amino acid profile.

Let’s talk about the benefits

Spirulina has been shown to help detoxify your body of heavy metals. In fact, a recent study found that it detoxifies your body of the heavy metal arsenic. By the way, of all of the heavy metals, we probably get more arsenic in our diet than any other heavy metal. The reason being is pesticides today, especially foods that are sprayed with pesticides in China, have loads and loads of arsenic in them.

Spirulina helps detoxify your body of that. Now, if you have too much arsenic in your system, it causes liver failure. Arsenic has been linked to kidney degeneration and linked to neurological issues like dementia and number of other brain and neurological health issues. So again, detoxifying your body is critical. Spirulina is medically proven to detoxify your body of arsenic.

Another medical study out of the journal Chemosphere actually found that spirulina protects your body against radiation poisoning. We’ve all heard of the Fukushima disaster in Japan and Chernobyl. We’re exposed to radiation from microwaves to cell phones to things in our food supply on regular basis.

Spirulina has been shown to protect your body against radiation poisoning and help detoxify your body there. So obviously, a lot of the benefits and just one of the reasons why to take spirulina every single day.

About fish and heavy metals

I didn’t mention this earlier with the heavy metals, but I had somebody ask recently, “Can I eat fish? I’m asking because some fish have many heavy metals in them.” Well, one of the ways you can get around that, even if you do eat a healthier or wild-caught fish like salmon, if you are worried about heavy metals, have either of scoop of green superfood powder with fresh spirulina in it, that will actually help protect your body against the heavy metals or if you’re worried about radiation in the fish from the Pacific Ocean. So great benefits there.

Spirulina and cancer

Spirulina has been shown to help fight cancer, big reason because of its detoxification benefits. Also, it can help increase the antioxidant in your body called glutathione, which is critical for your health.

And last, but not least, it’s a nutritional powerhouse. It’s been shown to help lower cholesterol, balance blood pressure levels and fight diabetes. There’s hardly anything out there, a health condition, that spirulina doesn’t help with.

Boosting energy levels

Spirulina is recommended to patients for boosting their energy levels. If you’re a person that sort of gets tired during the day, waking up first thing in the morning and make yourself a green drink with fresh spirulina, and then around the time in the afternoon. A lot of people hit the 2:00 or 3:00 coma, they start getting tired and spirulina is great for that.

Number one of ways to use spirulina is to add a simple scoop. Whether that’s a combination formula, like a green superfood, or spirulina by itself with a fruit, add spirulina to a superfood smoothie for breakfast.

But again, if you want to detoxify your body of heavy metals, if you want to detox some radiation, if you want to boost your energy levels, fight cancer, and get one of the complete superfoods that have protein, vitamins and minerals, and loaded with antioxidants and chlorophyll, then the health benefits of spirulina are absolutely for you.

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