Fresh Spirulina Kawana Waters Farmers Market Stall Discount

How to apply the Kawana Waters Discount code?”

You already have an account

The information collected from you at the Kawana Waters Farmers Market was used to create an account for you.
Your username is the email address you typed or wrote down at the stall and there is a temporary password already set for you. (Some of you already have an account with us. We suggest you don’t use it anymore because the discount system described in this short newsletter doesn’t apply to your old account. No further actions are required to be done with your old account.)

    • Your username: is the email address you typed in or wrote down at the spirulina stall (the same address you recieving email from us)
    • Your temporary password: kawanawatersmarket

The first thing to do – it will take only a minute – is to set up your delivery address details and new password – it is done from here – ‘Your Account’.

After you updated your details and password (and hit update) it is time to set the discount. (come back to this page for further instructions)

Setting up your discount

Read time: 20 secs. Actually setting up: 3 – 5 mins

Please make sure that you are logged in. If not click/tap here, please.

Step 1 – Scroll up and click/tap on the big green button.

(your discount is between 16.4 to 49.1%)

*yes, the letter “t” at the word “Monthly” is missing. It is not your eyes, it is really missing.

Step 2 – Click/tap on any button looking like this

(No matter which one. They all lead to the same page)

Step 3 – Select the quantity you are after

This program supports 18, 24, 30 or 36 serves per month (and their equivalent weight of raw paste in jars) but nothing is stopping you from ordering more/less.
(Ignore the pricing & savings information shown on the image below. This info isn’t relevant to you the Kawana Waters Stall Customers, however, the recurring info, every 1 month in bold, is relevant to you).

Step 4 – Click/tap ‘Sign Up Now’.

The quantity you selected has been added to your cart now.

Step 5 – Click/tap ‘View cart’.

You are now redirected to the cart page.

Step 6 – Click/tap ‘your coupon’.

Now, if you are logged in you will see your coupon. Click/tap on it and check that it was applied.

Step 7 – Click/tap ‘Proceed to Checkout’.

You are redirected to the checkout page.

At the checkout page,
Fill up the details – write a comment if you like. (e.g. I would like jars, please. Be aware of the fire swap and the snow sand. (The latter is a drier and quicker form of quicksand)).

You are done. Start here to apply your discount code now

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Fresh Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina

Founded in Southeast QLD and located on Certified Organic farmland, we are an Australian-made Fresh Spirulina commercial farm. We are subject to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and produce fresh Spirulina using food-grade nutrients only, pay attention to the freshness and health of our spirulina.




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(5% OFF ON 250GR PACK)