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Fresh spirulina NZ is now available

We are happy to tell that Australian Grown Fresh Spirulina, is now available in New Zealand. Grown and cultivated in the hot climate of southeast QLD we are now shipping freshly frozen spirulina to New Zealand.

Fresh spirulina NZ deliveries & distribution

Fresh Spirulina NZ Deliveries
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Due to increasing demands, people’s acknowledgement of spirulina as food and more inquiries coming from New Zealand we are expanding across the Tasman Sea. Fresh spirulina New Zealand delivers & distribution, from now on will be available on demand from Australia using a courier. Delivery is from our farm to your freezer. We’re here to provide you with the freshest raw spirulina NZ can get.

The fresh spirulina farm has been active in Australia for nearly 3 years, providing fresh spirulina to Australians across all states, ages, athletes, vegans, vegetarians, those who healed from illnesses such as cancer and those who simply wish to supplement their diet with clean food.

Purchasing and availability in New Zealand

You can order raw spirulina, in frozen form and it will be shipped to New Zealand. At this time Fresh Spirulina NZ can be bought from our website and is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep with a courier at 100% condition. Shipping is taking place, from Australia on Mondays, Tuesdays and depends on your location in New Zealand Wednesdays too. At later time Fresh Spirulina NZ will available for shipping to consumers from within New Zealand.

Answering to the term, future foods, set by the United Nations fresh spirulina is providing an ample amount of nutrition and health benefits so people can supplement their diet (e.g. vegetarians, iron deficiency), replace red meat and start a very clean vegan diet if chosen. In addition, fresh spirulina will contribute to the body’s detox or in other words will counter pollution and will help extract heavy metals.

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Fresh Spirulina

Fresh Spirulina

Founded in Southeast QLD and located on Certified Organic farmland, we are an Australian-made Fresh Spirulina commercial farm. We are subject to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and produce fresh Spirulina using food-grade nutrients only, pay attention to the freshness and health of our spirulina.

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