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Fresh, Raw Spirulina is a perfect base for your morning routine. A single serving added to your smoothie will detoxify your body, alkalise your system (boost digestion & immunity) and will provide you with the day's nutritional needs.

The Fresh, Raw Spirulina is kept frozen (you will receive it fresh raw refrigerated from us). Most commonly, simply add your fresh, raw spirulina serving into the blender. Blend the serving with the rest of the smoothie ingredients or use it immediately after defrosting. Alternatively, you can add it to a glass of water or juice and simply stir well until dissolved.

Nourish, Alkalise & Detox

Fresh Spirulina is a nutritionals powerhouse. It contains naturally occurring elements demonstrating an excellent raw nutrient spectrum. Contains the correct sources of alkaline elements like chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and trace minerals that support gut-friendly prebiotics, properly detoxify and support optimal body function.

Nourish your body with organic Fresh, Raw Spirulina to give yourself energy and vitality throughout the day the natural way and not with synthetic supplements.

Fresh, Raw Spirulina is tasteless and odourless, formulated and occurs naturally (nature made) with the right nutritional spectrum that supports healthy digestion, provide correct and balanced nutrition and assists your body natural detoxification processes.

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Note the high levels of protein (plant-based)


🌱   The various packaging types, inside and outside are 100% biodegradable, compostable recyclable. (20g pods) The base is compostable and the lid and cello-bags are biodegradable. The jar is made of glass and the lid is metal tin.

Shelf life

Fresh, Raw Spirulina (non-frozen) will stay good for 7-10 days (when you get it from us not after defrosted). Placing fresh Spirulina at the coolest place in the fridge will increase the shelf life to 13-15 days. Frozen Spirulina will hold for two years in a freezer.

Pollens and allergens

Fresh Spirulina is clean of substantial pollens and allergens. The Fresh Spirulina cultivated organically. No herbicides or pesticides used at any stage, it is non-GMO and doesn't contain gluten, soy or dairy.

Shipping information

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Warranty, guarantee, service and quality

It is guaranteed that the parcel arrives at your doorstep/workplace/Australia post office in the right condition (we have sent over 1000 parcels already within Australia, NZ and further away).

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We take every care to ensure what we sell is of high quality. Our Fresh Spirulina is up to and above Australia and New Zealand food standards code.

If you choose to order, you are obligated to 'chase' your parcel. Fresh Spirulina, the product can only survive 2-3 days. You must be active. We guarantee that the product within those 2-3 days is safe but if you don't 'chase' it, know where it is we can not guarantee the product's integrity.


In your shipping box, you will receive Freshly Frozen Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis G.) all algae is 100% pure. There are no additives or filler inside. Shelf life, if frozen is >1 year. Refrigerated for up to 10 days.

Fresh Raw Spirulina Appearance:

Dark green paste (frozen state resembles an ice cube).

Taste & Odour:

Tasteless and Odourless. Characteristic/none, in water seaweed-like (less than mild). Fresh Spirulina does not take over food’s flavour and mix well with it.


Very slightly soluble in cold water, mixable in water.

Store in a freezer or refrigerator, keep away from strong light and heat. This organic freshly frozen spirulina paste is good for direct consumption. It can be consumed directly from its packaging. (Defrost first).

Suggested use:

Freshly frozen Spirulina for direct consumption. Add the spirulina to a glass of water, glass of juice and still well, the frozen spirulina will dissolve into your drink.  Alternatively, place the spirulina in a blender to make a smoothie with the rest of your ingredients.

First Timers:

Take one serve out of the freezer and defrost for 20-30 mins. Use 1 teaspoon daily for the first 3 – 7  days and then use it as an ice cube. (To avoid defrosting, scooping or cutting the best is to use it as an ice cube within your drink or smoothie and share it with another person or two at the beginning).

Generally Suggested Use:

Take 7 to 20 gr (1 to 3 teaspoons – 3 tsp is equal to one serve) a day, providing significant health benefits. Mixing freshly frozen spirulina in fruit juice, smoothie or cool water is a common serving method. Perfect between or before meals for good nutrition without the heaviness of bulky food.

Many people use Spirulina in their own self-care strategy for benefits like more energy, nutritional insurance, weight control and cleansing. Athletes discover more endurance and strength. Seniors find better nutrient absorption.

Shipping information:

The Freshly Frozen Spirulina packs are leaving the spirulina farm in the frozen state. We have developed a good and reliable shipping method. It is highly recommended that you be present when the courier arrives but not essential. The courier will leave the box at the address you provided. However, that said,

Our Freshly Frozen Spirulina must be kept frozen at all times. We cannot guarantee any product that is left unattended or not received in person.

Other good solutions:

  • If you are at work you may want to provide us with that delivery address instead;
  • Neighbour accepting the parcel on your behalf;
  • Leave an Esky at the door.

You are required, as soon as you receive the frozen spirulina to open the box, inspect the spirulina and make sure that is still frozen (Note: Frozen not cold). Once confirmed that it’s still cold place your spirulina in the freezer.

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