Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets

Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets - Dr. Axe lecture

Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets” isn’t your typical health talk. It’s the power-packed revelation about unassuming algae and its remarkable benefits. Get ready to redefine your diet and wellness.

Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets: Short Summary

  1. Radiation Protection: Spirulina and its algae cousins have been proven to shield the body from radiation damage.
  2. Immunity Boosting: Regular consumption can amplify your immune system, keeping you healthier overall.
  3. Weight Loss Aid: Some algae, particularly brown ones, harbour a nutrient that promotes significant weight loss.
  4. Detoxification: Spirulina and chlorella are nature’s cleaners, aiding in detoxifying your system.
  5. Easily Incorporated: It’s simpler than you think to get these superfoods into your diet, even if algae salads aren’t your thing.

This short article will discuss spirulina, Spirulina’s superfood secrets and other super algae.

We don’t lick our lips when we hear things like algae and seaweed. We don’t start saying, “Mmmm, that sounds delicious” most of the time. Additionally, part of it is the texture and part of it is that it’s green. Doesn’t sound appealing at all.

I do want to say that it’s one of the most powerful superfoods you could ever eat. If you can get it in your diet somehow, I suggest you do so, and I’ll talk about the easiest way to get superfoods like spirulina in your diet here at the very end.

Heal your body from radiation damage.

First, I want to quote a medical journal from the Journal of Chemosphere. They found that people exposed to radiation when consuming algae like chlorella and spirulina had lower radiation damage. They found that algae and seaweed can heal your body from radiation damage, which is incredible.

Additionally, for years people in places like Okinawa and Japan have realized that seaweeds are natural immune boosters. They can be high in things like GLA, a type of fatty acid.

Spirulina is known as the superfood of the future containing about 70% of protein. Also, it contains traces of the vitamin B complex, which is pretty amazing for something that is not an animal source.

Three main types of algae people consume

There are three main types of algae people consume. There are several. One is green, another is red algae, and the third is brown algae. You will also find chlorella, the “sister” to spirulina, among the Blue-green algae. This is what we discussed earlier, mentioning the Journal of Chemosphere.

Weight loss benefits

Some amazing weight loss benefits to consuming algae, specifically brown algae. There is a nutrient called Fucoxanthin that is found in brown algae. A recent medical study published in PubMed found that people consuming about a teaspoon daily of some form of algae, specifically brown algae, lost an average of 7 kilograms over ten weeks.

There are a lot of benefits, metabolically speaking. If you have more of an acidic diet, if you eat a lot of processed meats and other food, drink lots of alcohol and consume lots of sugars, then consuming algae will help alkalize your system internally. Additionally, if you’re low in iodine and looking to build up healthy thyroid, algae have excellent levels of iodine, which you need.

Protect your body and detox.

A few favourite things about spirulina and chlorella in algae are that they protect your body and help detox. It’s another good form of fibre, and you’ll notice if you start consuming algae, you’ll see that you have more regular and healthier bowel movements. Another thing you’ll notice is it does help boost your immune system and alkalize your system. It’s a natural energy booster. Many people know wheat grass for that, but spirulina and chlorella are great ways to do that.

So what you can do

One of the things you can do is mix fresh spirulina in water or juice and drink it down. Or you can mix it with berry smoothies anywhere from a teaspoon to a full scoop—Smoothie in the morning with blueberries, coconut milk, spinach, and fresh spirulina. You will feel awesome.

Again, get some algae in your diet. You don’t have to eat the seaweed salad or something like that. But if you add a little scoop into a smoothie every day, you will notice tremendous health benefits, from immune boosting to natural healing and protecting your body from radiation and weight loss.


Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets – Dr Axe’s online lecture

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