Is spirulina vegetarian?

The simple and short answer to ‘is spirulina vegetarian?’ is ‘yes’. Not going into much science and definitions spirulina is what’s called a Cyanobacteria. You may also have heard of it as the Blue-Green Algae. (While spirulina is called blue-green algae it is important to note that not all blue-green algae are spirulina. Some blue-green algae are toxic.)

Spirulina vegetarian facts

You probably noticed the word ‘bacteria’ is within the word ‘Cyanobacteria’ (Cyanobacteria is a phylum or in other words taxonomy rank). Those Cyanobacteria is getting their energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis. (Photosynthesis, if you forgot, is the process of converting light into energy in plants). The process of Photosynthesis as we know is reserved for plants and not animals. That because the photosynthesis activities are taking place within another part of the plant called the Chloroplast.

Okay, so we established that spirulina vegetarian. Now what.

Popular food supplement among vegetarians and vegans

The spirulina algae is a popular food supplement among vegetarians and vegans. The reason it’s popular is because the algae withhold in itself especially high levels of complete vegetarian protein. Additionally, it is rich in B-complex vitamins, rich with calcium and even richer in iron (Ferris).

Vegan and vegetarian diets are considered to be healthy diets. However, the vegans and vegetarians, among them who lack the attention of their diet often tend to develop deficiencies. Those deficiencies are some of the body’s essential substances, such as iron, and even more than others likely to develop anaemia.

Through daily consumption, the fresh spirulina algae could complete these deficiencies in one serve with its phenomenal amounts of nutritious values. Consuming spirulina for a period of time cause a backup in the case of an unbalanced nutritious diet. Additionally, it will increase the efficiency of the immune system, the digestive system and the absorption of the vital substances. The latter are essential to every vegan and vegetarian looking after their health.

Complete protein, spirulina as the substitute for meat

Spirulina vegetarian attributes are not ending in vitamins and minerals but extend to complete vegetarian protein.

A complete protein, a protein that contains all eight essential amino acids to the body is usually found only in animal foods. The spirulina food supplement is one of the only vegetarian foods including all eight amino acids in it. The amino acids are there to be absorbed in an easy and light way by the body. The protein found in spirulina is aiding with muscle build and renewal of tissue. Some examples are including the renewal of skin cells, strengthening bones, metabolism and strengthening the immune system to name a few.

To complete the shortage of complete protein many vegetarians and vegans often turn to the processed tofu, soy and other industrial meat substitutions. Those choices may be contributing the right amount of protein to the body but as we are so well aware these days the price of consuming processed food can be high.

The spirulina is a natural healthy superfood and is providing a high level of protein without processing or preservatives known to damage the body. The fresh spirulina is freshly frozen, without drying, dehydrating or any processing and this we ensure that 100% of its nutritional values are preserved and locked in within. This process makes the freshly frozen spirulina the best choice for a vegan and vegetarian diet without compromising over the quantity and the quality of the protein they consume.

Spirulina as a source for iron (Ferris) – vegans, vegetarians and anaemia

The high availability of iron in spirulina is considered one of its most famous features. This fact showing once again the spirulina vegetarian food as one of the reasons it has been so well known among the vegetarian and vegan community.

The spirulina is the world champion with the amounts of iron it’s withholding in itself.  Not only the quantity but the availability. The level of the potential iron coming within spirulina turning it to one of the most efficient and healthy solutions when dealing with anaemia, lack of iron in the blood.

On the contrary iron supplements, rich foods with iron they have certain and limited levels of iron absorption. In most cases, they require the consumption of high quantities or eating additionally to an iron supplement and with vitamin C tablets.

Not with spirulina though, as it offers the highest amount of iron with an extraordinary absorption level. One of the reasons is due to spirulina already coming with vitamin C as part of its lengthy list of vitamins. Additionally, spirulina algae already hold within in it the amino acids discussed earlier which contributing both for absorption and digestion. Other substances which are existing in spirulina naturally are ideal for vegetarians and vegans looking to avoid anaemia.

Essential fatty acid for vegans and vegetarians

Essential fatty acids are playing a crucial role in our health. Vegans and vegetarians are suffering from deficiencies of those essential fatty acids. We have all heard of the omega-3 that low the quantities of the “bad” cholesterol (triglycerides) in the blood. It also reduces the chance of heart disease and cancer and prevents and eases arthritis etc. This fatty acid, omega-3, is found mostly in cold water fish and number of plants like walnuts and flax.

A complement to the Omega-3 fatty acid is the omega-6 and the Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) fatty acids. The two are strengthening the body and look after it along with an impressive list of nutritional values in spirulina.

To summarise, early in this article we established that spirulina vegetarian by showing that it’s Cyanobacteria yet it thrives conducting the process of photosynthesis. A process reserved only for plants. We showed how spirulina is a popular food supplement carrying within it an abundance of vitamin and minerals. Among them the B-complex vitamins, calcium and iron and thus preventing cases of developed anaemia in vegetating and vegans.

Omega-6 illustration

Spirulina vegetarian Omegae-6
Omega 6 oil (aka linoleic acid) is called a poly unsaturated fat because the first missing hydrogen is at the 6th carbon and it is lacking at least one other pair missing later on

Spirulina with its high levels of protein built from the 8 essential amino acids within it is acting as complete protein or in other words as a substitute for meat. Lastly, we elaborated more about the essential fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and Gamma Linoleic Acid, their presence in spirulina and their contribution to our health.

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