Spirulina Benefits

Heavy Metal Detox Cleans

Spirulina Cyanobacterium Poptidoglycan Cell Wall, What is spirulina

What is spirulina?

So what is spirulina? Spirulina is a tiny organism living in fresh alkaline bodies of water (Alkaline means ‘not-acid’ or pH above 7). The size

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Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets - Dr. Axe lecture

Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets

Spirulina’s Superfood Secrets” isn’t your typical health talk. It’s the power-packed revelation about unassuming algae and its remarkable benefits. Get ready to redefine your diet

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Image of Fresh Spirulina Detox Juice

Spirulina Benefit Your Health

Spirulina benefit your health in many ways, from providing a rich source of plant-based protein to helping detoxify heavy metals and radiation. If you’re looking

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Spirulina for Iron deficiency | Anemia treatment

Spirulina for Iron

Iron deficiency anaemia. A common type of anaemia. Iron deficiency anaemia is a prevalent type of anaemia. Taking spirulina for iron can help the deficiency

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