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Image of Benefits of spirulina for athletes: Endurance, Performance and Recovery

Benefits of spirulina for athletes: Endurance, Performance and Recovery

As a regular athlete, you put your body to the test, which can quickly lead the body to a state of imbalance and fatigue, which in turn impacts your physical abilities and overall performance. Spirulina is a natural component that prevents this imbalance and thus contributes to optimal performance, both in terms of endurance and…

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Fresh spirulina and sport - running and recoveryFresh spirulina and sport - running and recovery

Spirulina and sport: a winning duo

Spirulina is an alga with a surprising nutritional composition. Extremely rich in protein and low in lipids, it is an ally of choice for athletes who want to boost their performance. Spirulina and sport, origin, composition, benefits and use, everything about fresh spirulina. What is spirulina Spirulina is an alga, or rather a microalga, of blue-green…

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Fresh Spirulina Meal Energy DrinksFresh Spirulina Meal Energy Drinks

Fresh spirulina, sport and body building: what are the benefits?

Fresh Spirulina is known for its many nutrients and health benefits. It helps to lose weight and also helps to practice bodybuilding when it is part of a good diet. More than 3 billion years old, spirulina has been particularly popular since the 1950s when some studies began to show its benefits. Fresh Spirulina is mainly known…

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Spirulina Cyanobacterium Poptidoglycan Cell Wall, What is spirulinaSpirulina Cyanobacterium Poptidoglycan Cell Wall, What is spirulina

What is spirulina?

What is spirulina? So what is spirulina? Spirulina is tiny organism living in fresh alkaline bodies of water (Alkaline means ‘not-acid’ or pH above 7). The size of this tiny organism is in between 300 to 500 microns (0.3 – 0.5mm). Such small size is hard to see with the naked eye but certainly possible.…

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Spirulina vegetarian Omegae-6

Is spirulina vegetarian?

The simple and short answer to ‘is spirulina vegetarian?’ is ‘yes’. Not going into much science and definitions spirulina is what’s called a Cyanobacteria. You may also have heard of it as the Blue-Green Algae. (While spirulina is called blue-green algae it is important to note that not all blue-green algae are spirulina. Some blue-green…

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